This contextual analysis shows how the Smith Brothers Group improved the productivity of condition inspections and field information assortment by 30% with the GIS Cloud mobile apps for water utilities.

The Smith Brothers Group works in Australia and deals with different water and sewer utility activities for neighborhood government units. They additionally offer administrations for the pipeline, electric utilities, and land areas. The organization was as of late gained by the land mammoth Cushman and Wakefield.

Continue reading and figure out how to enable your field operations with mobile apps for information assortment and devices for monitoring fieldwork.

Tackling Challenges In Water and Sewer Utilities

When working on water utility ventures, the Smith Brothers need the exact area of underground and over the ground resources and infrastructure. That is the place the GIS Cloud arrangement steps in by enabling the field laborers to catch basic information live, by means of mobile gadgets and additionally enable access to basic information about a specific site. The undertakings they chip away at go from neighborhood Councils/Municipalities to Government offices.

Our abilities increased in the zones of information gathering and precision. Additionally, our customers are increasingly using their information in helpful manners. — Michael Dew, Manager

  • The main difficulties where the GIS Cloud arrangement conveyed results:
  • Improving philosophy in work processes nearby and the workplace
  • Exact reporting of affirmed infrastructure and its determinations
  • Examination of affirmed resource information on a precise huge scale.

Upgrading The Field Workflow With Mobile Apps

Toward the beginning of each undertaking, the Smith Brothers counsel with customers to improve feeling of the focused on result. The prerequisites will rely upon the customer; anyway they normally gather area information and survey the state of these advantages:

  • Sewer vents
  • Hydrants
  • Reverse and Isolation Valves
  • Waters meters
  • Water Mains
  • CWMS infrastructure

Depending on the benefit type and the customer necessities, they plan a custom mobile form for the Mobile Data Collection application. The application enables them to outline huge number of utility resources, and it traded the paper-based strategies for field information assortment. Locating, aggregating, and searching through paper overview forms to distinguish and inspect the state of a single resource is a thing of the past for Smith Brothers. The application additionally functions as a water utility condition appraisal device.

mobile apps for water utilities

A case of a Mobile Data Collection form for a water and sewer utility venture

At the point when the form is done, they turn it out to the field administrators. The MDC application makes it simple to share the forms to the specialist’s mobile gadgets with the alternative to oversee authorizations. It additionally empowers the operations director to compose groups just to gather new resource information, or to refresh existing records.

When mapping or inspecting the water utility resources they record:

  • Resource Conditions
  • Resource Documentation
  • Resource Images
  • Resource Location

The MDC application helps in providing a straightforward UI that is modified by us, so our administrators are collecting information in a sensible request according to our customers’ necessities. — Jason Harris, former Site Manager (presently Director at Harris Plumbing and Drafting)

At the point when the field administrators gather the field information, it instantly appears in the Map Editor as a point, line or polygon (depending on the task). This enables the supervisors to manage fieldwork continuously and respond promptly if the gathered information isn’t of satisfactory quality. The customers can likewise be a piece of the work process and screen the incoming field information by using the Map Viewer.

The Map Editor additionally gives an approach to screen progress for each field administrator and make reports to follow efficiency.

At the point when the Smith Brothers finish the undertaking, they utilize the Map Editor to deliver reports and maps for customers. The customers at that point integrate the information into their GIS framework.

The Results

The field operations group saw a huge improvement in the decrease of administrative work. By and large, a field administrator needs to check the desk work quite often. With the GIS Cloud platform, all the fundamental information is on the mobile application where they can instantly check their area and the status of the infrastructure in the recording procedure.

The GIS Cloud arrangement likewise improved the proficiency of the total field operations work process. In the expressions of Michael Dew, administrator at Smith Brothers:

I would state the time is diminished by 30% in the work process procedure of current undertakings.

Interested in trying out the GIS Cloud mobile apps for water utilities? Pursue the free preliminary. You’ll have 30 days to test the apps and check whether they fit your field work process. In the event that you need somebody to show you around and propose a potential GIS arrangement contact our business specialists.

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