Workshop Program
MobiGIS 2012 Workshop Program

Session Name
Activity/Paper Presentation
8:00am to 9:00am
9:00am to 9:15am
Session 1: Intelligent Transportation Systems

(Session Chair: )
9:15am to 10:30am
  1. Interactive Traffic-Aware Route Search on Smartphones
    Roy Levin and Yaron Kanza, Technion Israeli Institute of Technology, Israel

  2. TrafficPulse : A Mobile GISystem for Transportation
    Ren-Yu Li, Steve H. L. Liang, University of Calgary, Canada; Dong-Woo Lee, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait; and Young-Ji Byon, Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates

  3. Improving Unreliable Mobile GIS with Swarm-based Particle Filters
    Fatma Hrizi, Jérôme Härri, and Christian Bonnet, EURECOM, France
10:30am to 11:00am
Coffee Break
Session 2: Location-Aware Applications & Mobile App Mapping

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11:00am to 12:30pm
  1. Mining Future Spatiotemporal Events and their Sentiment from Online News Articles for Location-Aware Recommendation System
    Shen-Shyang Ho, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Michael Lieberman, University of Maryland, USA; Pu Wang, Google, Inc., USA; and Hanan Samet, University of Maryland, USA

  2. Evaluation of Fine-Granular GPS Tracking on Smartphones
    Basil Hess, SAP Research and ETH Zürich, Switzerland; Armin Zamani Farahani, Fabian Tschirschnitz, and Felix von Reischach, SAP Research, Switzerland

  3. Duking it out at the Smartphone Mobile App Mapping API Corral: Apple, Google, and the Competition
    Hanan Samet, Brendan C. Fruin, and Sarana Nutanong, University of Maryland, USA
12:30pm to 14:00pm
Lunch (Not provided)
Session 3:
Mobility & Mobile Social Networks

(Session Chair: )
14:00pm to 15:40pm
  1. SALS: Semantics-Aware Location Sharing Based on Cloaking Zone in Mobile Social Networks
    Yanzhe Che, Zhejiang University, China; Kevin Chiew, Tan Tao University, Vietnam; Xiaoyan Hong, University of Alabama, USA; and Qinming He, Zhejiang University, China

  2. When And Where Next: Individual Mobility Prediction
    Gyozo Gidofalvi and Fang Dong, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

  3. Heuristics & Usability of Virtual Attack Points for Pedestrian Navigation: User Study Using Paper-Prototyping
    William W. Preston, James Goulding, Gary Burnett, and Mike Jackson, University of Nottingham, UK

  4. A Comparison of First- and Second-Order HMMs in the Task of Predicting the Next Locations of Mobile Individuals
    Wesley Mathew and Bruno Martins, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
15:40pm to 16:00pm
Coffee Break
Session 4:
Spatio-temporal Query Processing, Sensor Data Analysis & Localization

(Session Chair: )
16:00pm to 17:40pm
  1. Uncaught Signal Imputation for Accuracy Enhancement of WLAN-based Positioning Systems
    Sangjae Lee, Sukhoon Jung, and Dongsoo Han, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

  2. A Context-based Energy Optimization Algorithm for Periodic Localization in Smartphones
    Choonoh Lee, Giwan Yoon, and Dongsoo Han, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

  3. MobiS: A Distributed Paradigm of Mobile Sensor Data Analytics for Evaluating Environmental Exposures
    Wan D. Bae, University of Wisconsin - Stout, USA; Shayma Alkobaisi, United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates; Sada Narayanappa, University of Denver, USA; and Kye Y. Bae, Digipen Institute of Technology, USA

  4. Predictive Spatio-Temporal Queries: A Comprehensive Survey and Future Directions
    Abdeltawab M. Hendawi and Mohamed F. Mokbel, University of Minnesota, USA
17:40pm to 17:55pm

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