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Combining the functionality of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), wireless communication (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3/4G), and positioning technologies (GPS, Assisted GPS and GLONASS) results in a new era of mobile geographic information systems (MobiGIS) that aim at providing various invaluable services, including location-based services, intelligent transportation systems, logistics management, security and safety, etc. Many MobiGIS have been developed to solve challenging real-world problems and improve our quality of life.

ACM SIGSPATIAL MobiGIS 2012 will bring together researchers and practitioners from the GIS community, the mobile computing community, and the data management community. Many current research areas, such as spatio-temporal databases, spatio-temporal data mining, mobile cloud computing, remote sensing, participatory sensing, or social networks, raise research problems that lie at the boundary between these three communities. MobiGIS's goal is to foster an opportunity for researchers from these three communities to gather and discuss ideas that will shape and influence these emerging GIS-related research areas.

  • Best Paper Awards

    Duking it out at the Smartphone Mobile App Mapping API Corral: Apple, Google, and the Competition
    Hanan Samet, Brendan C. Fruin, and Sarana Nutanong, University of Maryland, USA

    Predictive Spatio-Temporal Queries: A Comprehensive Survey and Future Directions
    Abdeltawab M. Hendawi and Mohamed F. Mokbel, University of Minnesota, USA

  • Extended Paper Submission Deadline: August 25, 2012

Last Updated: June 2, 2012